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Matchmaker Ltd is a boutique, full-service Hunter/Jumper operation located in beautiful Barrington Hills. 

Nestled into 21 acres of rolling hills, Matchmaker Ltd offers a unique, blissful environment for horse and rider. With custom-tailored programs to suit each individual and superior horse care, Matchmaker prides itself on happy, successful horses and riders. 

Being in the ribbons takes a special match of rider, horse, and trainer. There’s the right horse for you…and then there’s all the rest. 

Making sure you have the exact horse to match your skills and budget is what we do. Then we provide the kind of training that brings out the best in both of you. And we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years. ​

What are the Expected Updates and Changes to be Made on Instagram

In the past few months, we have noticed that Instagram has been working on updating the application for enhanced user experience. They are working harder to expand the features and transform it from a mere photo sharing application to a highly engaging and effective marketing platform for businesses too. In the coming months, you will notice more changes and updates according to the trend. From a simple photo sharing application to a marketing platform and now a new shopping feature that lets you use Instagram for socializing and also do shopping within the application itself. There are also other updates that you will find in the latest version of Instagram in the coming months. Let’s discuss some of these updates of Instagram in coming months of 2018.

The New Instagram Explore Page

Since after the launch of Instagram’s search and explore page back in 2015 it has undergone many changes and updates. A channel called “Picked for You” has been added in this feature and it comes with new abilities to search for locations and hashtags that are rolled out last years. The biggest update of Instagram Explore Page was announced recently and you can expect the redesigned explore page soon. Apart from showing you the popular Instagram posts based on your preferences and likes, the new Instagram explore page will let you browse the content by the interests via the new channels feature.

Group Video Chatting is Coming

According to the owner of Instagram, people today prefer using video calling like hangouts. So, considering this fact the developer has now started thinking for new features which can add value of the Instagram App and give the users with the benefit to buy instagram story views. To make this thing possible, Zuckerberg has announced that the latest version of Instagram would come with the tab for video chatting as well. This will give the users with the ability to talk privately with their friends via video call. There will be the facility to minimize the tab of video calling so that the users may continue with the feature while scrolling the Instagram and check for other posts.

Use New Face Filters with AR Camera Effects to Create Own Instagram Stories

The major theme of Instagram latest version was focused on augmented reality and virtual reality which really sounds more futuristic. So, to make this possible the developers of Instagram have integrated the cute face filter which is the great example of how augmented reality can fit into your lives and create fun and magical experiences on Instagram. Very soon the brands and people will be allowed to share and make their own filters on Instagram for their unique stories on the platform. But, there is a restriction that you can only use the custom filters if you follow the influencers or brands on Instagram. This would give you the huge incentive to get into the AR mode.

These were some of the updates that you can expect in Instagram in coming months.

Twitter – Highly Developed Social Networking Site

Social Platform has turned out an important source of presenting the utterance and reading them. One of it is twitter. This is the most secure social sites available in all the countries. It was discovered in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and three other experts – Biz Stone, Noah Glass and Evan Williams. This social sites allow you to write your tweet and post it in general to the public. This social networking site allows one to post the tweet after registering with the email ID or phone number. The registered user is assigned username which appears as the handle name on the post. Initially twitter was restricted to the 140 characters in the post but in the middle of third quarter of November 2017 it increased to almost 300 characters except in two Asian countries and Korea. The twitter has recorded the most number of celebrities than any other social sites. In 2012 it recorded the more than 100 million users using this platform.

Goodwill of the twitter

It is one of the oldest social media. Public has immense trust on the security provided by it. The developer of this social media is one of the richest person of the world. Tweets of recognized body, celebrities, news reporters, artificial bodies are presented in general to the public. Such types of social sites are used for making the announcement in chaos. It is the largest platform of imparting breaking news. The activities of this social site is operated and coordinated by more than 25 agencies located worldwide. The rapid development of world is recording the increase of registration in large number. It is difficult for the famous personalities to place their word individually in front of public; such social sites helps in placing the wordings in general.

History and Development of the Twitter Company

User has to follow the person to go through their post. The company twitter noticed rapid growth in the last decade. It recorded third highest number of users in the 2010. Due to its high secrecy level, the highly recognized institution use it. The fear of exposure of data and account hacking is eliminated. The agencies involved in the functioning of twitter monitors the activity of third party and protect the platform from getting hacked. They keep the confidentiality of the data and it won’t get exposed until and unless you approve the follow request. The use of twitter keeps one remain updated with the news.

Overall Review of the Twitter

The logo of this site contains a sky blue bird matching with the color of name of this company. This logo is enough to describe the impression of this company in modern economy. It enjoys reputation and high goodwill in the economy. Even the employees involved in this company enjoy confidence of the public. They are highly skilled. Company twitter has offered large number people employment in the society. It is earning profit with the intention of service to the society as well.

Lesson Program

Matchmaker Ltd offers a comprehensive lesson program that is a popular option for new students of all ages and levels.


Students learn the basics of horsemanship, love of the horse, proper care and riding skills. Riders develop confidence grooming and handling the horses in the barn as well as tenacity in the saddle. Whether it be a riders first time swinging a leg over a horse or their first time jumping a course, students establish the skills they need to become knowledgeable, positive horsemen.

Great horses

Great horses are the foundation of great riders and Matchmaker students have the privledge of learning on some of the best in the business. Lesson horses are safe, sound and happy, receiving unparalleled care. Many of these kind souls have successful show records longer then their riders are tall!