Facebook – New Tool for Blogging

The art of writing about anything and making it worth the time of other person can be termed as successful blogging. Blogs started as personal diaries where people shared their experiences, but now it has developed into a fully equipped marketing and earning tool.

Blogging can be done on various platforms, but it is successful only if you are able to reach out to lot of people. Here comes the role of Facebook.

Facebook which started as social media to connect with friends and family has now become a powerful tool for bloggers, since you can reach to higher number of people through it.

How can you share blog on Facebook

To start blogging on the Facebook, you have to first start by making a page on it. It has a personal touch and relaxed environment, make your post friendlier then intense. Your primary focus should be on getting traffic back to your blog. There are three methods to share your blog:

  • Update the link on status: Since this app has a personal feel it is better to post your link manually on your status.
    • Make it catchy and short.
    • Add a good picture to your blog which entices reader to go through your blog.
    • Tag your friends and family personally so that it shows on their wall and timeline as well, reminding them of reading.
  • Notes feature: Use the notes feature of the Facebook. Here you can paste and format the content of your blog on a notepad.
    • Go to the “home/profile” tab and click on notes option.
    • Click “Write a note” tab and you will get a blank notepad.
    • Now you can write or paste your content here.
    • You can format the content whichever way you want.
    • Now you are ready to publish your content. Click the Publish tab.
  • Facebook Third Party Websites and App: you can also market your blog through Third Party Apps, which will publish your Blog automatically. There are various apps designed for the same, you can search them on Facebook in search bar.
    • After getting your desired app, click the “Go to the app tab”.
    • Go through the details for permission that the app would need to perform.
    • If you are ready to go, click on “Allow” tab.
    • Now add your blog link to the App, so whenever you write new blog or content the app will automatically publish it on the Facebook.

How to increase interest in your post?

Though we have gone through various ways to share blog, major and most important thing is to get people to notice your blog. How can you make their interest arise? Let’s see some pointers which will help you for sure:

  • Try to have interaction with the readers. Start conversations by sharing some experiences in comment and question section.
  • Ask questions which are open ended so that the readers are interested in sharing their views on your topic.
  • Giveaway little pieces of information so that you can get some personal answers. These can start a healthy conversation.
  • Always answer immediately to questions, comments on your post. This is basic etiquette don’t let them feel that you don’t care.
  • Manage the frequency of posts well, see how readers are responding and use it to set your frequency. It shouldn’t be too frequent, and also not too delayed.

However, in the end the most important thing is patience. Be patient and work on your writing, learn from other bloggers and see how people respond to your blogs. Happy Blogging!!

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